The Dimension of Faith: part 1 (Hebrews 11) What comes from the Unseen


Hebrews 11 is the most complete Biblical explanation that one could study concerning the whole issue called faith.

Faith is an internal struggle as we deal with two distinct realities. We have the seen reality and the unseen reality.  Faith has no root in the seen realm.  However it manifests into the seen realm as a result of work done in the unseen.

We are going to study this area in detail not as a theological exposition but from a standpoint of gleaning revelatory material that opens our eyes and causes us to apprehend everything God has for us.


The Word always deals with the unseen realm first. It shows us that this realm determines what happens in the seen realm. Of course in creation both realms flowed together. And we know that the fall changed that and we have two distinct dimensions which do not always work together. Very often we experience contrary circumstances. What makes the difference is applying the covenant of Jesus into our lives. This covenant gives us access into that unseen realm and the Bible shows us how we can call upon that realm; make a demand that it operates in our lives.

What has been established in the Unseen Realm?

What has been established is that we come back into relationship with God. So it all starts with a relational position. We have access to His Presence. We are made new creations. We are given the spirit of sonship. We are immersed in the Holy Spirit. We are given both priestly and kingly positions in this life and for eternity. What God has done through Christ is restore us in His Image to the place where Adam once was. 

How do we access and bring to the seen what has been established in the Unseen Realm?

The difference is the exercise of faith. It is receiving a purpose from God and believing it and acting in obedience.

When we consider Abraham he left his country.  Hebrews 11 tells us something.  It tells us that He was seeking out a city; a community whose architect is God and whose foundation is God. So if he was seeking means it exists. And Abraham was so convinced by it that he moved even though no-one could see it or touch it.

All my own Ministry is made up of examples where I saw something and despite everyone else not seeing or believing I moved out in obedience and the promises manifested in my circumstances. I moved from UK to Portugal based on this reality and God gave me a beautiful wife and children. This did not exist but our faith birthed this into being.

Paul says in Colossians 3 that our focus should be in those things that come from above not those things here. This means that instead of us focusing on the confusions that reign on the earth we should pray like Jesus taught us;

Your Kingdom come
Your will be done as it is in heaven.

For that Kingdom to operate we need to cooperate with God in that unseen realm.

1 Believing
2 Speaking
3 Obeying
4 Moving

Once we have done this work relational to God; we will see a manifestation of what He promises at the right time.

This sometimes requires patience on our part to wait for the right time. The Bible is full of examples of this. From Abraham down to Christ we see all the men that God used wait the perfect time.


So the unseen manifests because there is a constant interaction.

To conclude we see Joshua commanded to go into the promised land. They needed a miracle because the river stood in their way and God commanded the Ark of Covenant with its Priests touch the water. As it did the river parted and they trod on dry ground. 

We operate in this level as we are in covenant and we obey and advance in its manifest principles.

What barriers exist between you and your promises? They can only move away when we do work in the unseen realm.  Anything else is pure religion.


One thought on “The Dimension of Faith: part 1 (Hebrews 11) What comes from the Unseen

  1. I so am grateful for the words and teachings that God has instructed you to write. The fullness of the Word which brings one unto the presence of God for today is past needed.
    We are reborn and now made a new creation in Christ, having received the Holy Spirit we are neither male nor female. But all share in the same spirit, all one new man created unto good works. Now we the just live by Faith, by the Son of God who died and was raised on the third day for our newly raised position. No longer slaves to the earth and it’s fallen estate and evil rule over man.
    We have a new and living hope built upon eternal promises. This hope is what we call our faith. A faith that is built upon the works of God himself and fulfilled by Him to us. The full intent of every promise and work of God He accomplished, was to give us this very much alive and thriving faith. We live in this world but are not a part of this world. Each one has our life hide in Christ Jesus.
    Faith is simply put, like ones small child. Faith never has to bother about the bills, who protects him, who loves her, where the next meal is, how he will travel, will she still be taken care of next month….Faith’s parents always see to these things, for they are Father and Mother!
    God wholly desires that we know He loves us far more, taking delight to do so in abundance.

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