The Pascal Week part 1: Entry of the Servant King

Once we study the week of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection we desire to revisit the Bible narrative.  Not that we want to traditionally remember but because is that holy week we have no choice to revisit the greatest happening of all eternity.


We read of the entry into Jerusalem as a watershed event. There are 3 preparations taking place.
Jesus own preparation for the task ahead
Disciples own preparation for the days ahead
Jerusalem’s preparation for the events ahead.

What we know is that as Jesus is set to enter the city the type of entry would determine the reception and the consequences that would come as a result of it.

What we see exposed is the motivations surrounding Jesus.

We see a hot debate surrounding Jesus. The religious leaders saw him as a stirrer of trouble because they had “bought” a selfish truce with Rome. On the other hand the common people saw Him as a prophet come to bring hope.  For the disciples doubt still remained. With this entry into the city which we read of in Mark 11; we see 3 different reactions
1. Religious leaders: disdain and opposition
2. The people: ran out before Jesus with palm branches and cloaks. 
3. The disciples: puzzlement. 

The potential for a revolution was ripe. If Jesus had use a horse the story would have been different.  But He came to open the eyes of those who walked with God. So that they could see that in this unstable time the Kingdom was coming in with meekness. The work Jesus was undertaking was all spiritual that only those who the Spirit enlightened could understand.  To be honest that was very few.

The aspirations of the nation had blinded them to the true mission of Jesus. So much so that before the betrayal and surrounding the handing over of Jesus all had abandoned their faith in Jesus and gone their own way. The people substituted their worship with shouts of “crucify him.” The disciples ran away and shut themselves out of sight. The chief Priests plotted their way to get Jesus dead.

How fickle is human nature indeed.


There are many times in our own lives that Jesus enters and confuses us. And today more so. We seem to focus on a Gospel Jesus instead of remembering that Revelation shows us a different Jesus. This Jesus is Glorified and Exalted by the Father. The appearance of Him causes John to faint as one dead.

We seem to think that Jesus is still entering into our lives and our Churches on a donkey as a Pascal Lamb meek to the slaughter! The fact is who is entering today is the King of Glory who is set on the white horse whose name is King of Kings. He is come to exercise judgment on his saints in that He comes to judge the measure of dependence on His Spirit to lead us into more Holiness.  His eyes are like flames of fire.  Hebrews says He is the light of the Father; the brightness of His Glory.

And as we receive this fact we must elevate our focus because He is high and lifted up. He is exalted and seated at the Right Hand making intercession for all of us.


And as we let this sink in we then see the measure of the depths that Jesus descended so that He could ascend to the highest place. This gaze into His Glory and the sense of His Holiness must like Isaiah 6 make us undone. In our undoing it is sure that the angel will take of the King; His coal which will blot out our sin and change our nature.

Whilst we quarrel and jostle for position reducing our spiritual service to mere religious motions so God is revealing more and more the Jesus on the White Horse. He will not tolerate the way we reduce our faith.

Indeed Malachi 3 says He will suddenly come to His Temple!

Who is His Temple?

His Temple is that not made with hands. It is in His Saints. 

Therefore if He is coming it will be sudden.

Who will stand His coming? He will purify and take the blindness of our motivations and aspirations. For Jesus came to bring in a Kingdom which was established in heavenly realms and shall descend into human hearts.

So today is the day of His Entry! Who are you waiting for? If you expect a meek servant on a donkey you will get the King of Glory in His Holiness to purify all those called Levites. 


And in the day of His Coming no-one will be confused as to why He came. 

And this time He will come not to be killed in the wastelands outside the city but shall come to reign in Jerusalem.


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