Abraham Part 11: The Proof is at the well

Genesis 24


Here Abraham is a new widower. His wife had just died and gone to be with her people. Having accomplished her mission in birthing in old age she is now taken to the place where she would come into eternal inheritance  (Ephesians 4).

Now Abraham turns his attention to the continuance of the line through Isaac. That is to find him a wife.

One thing we must remember is the importance of looking to the future beyond our lives and beyond our influence to guarantee the lineage we created.

How many ministries and Churches invest in the next generation to the point of becoming established and a name in itself?

God is not just the God of Abraham but as much as the God of Isaac.


Abraham deposited the covenant into Isaac through his love and example. So much so that the covenant could flow freely through him as much as it did his father. The practice was to bless the son prophetically so that the son walks in the same plan and station in God as the Father.

The covenant speaks of birthing a nation and for that would need a wife who would be the perfect help meet for Isaac. He puts importance in this that he sends his servant to find the wife in the house of his family Nahor.  The servant is not guessing as he is given specific instructions and the servants prayer was specific enough not to be mistaken.

We sometimes vaguely want to get answers from God. But faith does not aim for the vague and unprecise. Rather faith is clear and precise in its vision and how it communicated with God.

The Proof was at the well. How Rebbekah acted at the well as a honourable and careful woman.  A servant and a woman who was concerned for the needs of all.

The well speaks of salvation.  It is a watering place in the context of dryness. The well speaks of the Word springing forth to illuminate and reveal. The well speaks of the inner man who has the spring of the Spirit coming forth and satisfying the thirst of every man.

How Rebbekah treated the servant and his animals was the sign that she was the one that God had chosen as the wife of Isaac.

God wants us to serve at His Wells so that we too can be promoted and placed in His covenant.  And has he related his prayer and how Rebbekah acted they all knew she was destined for even greater things.

How we act and how we think at God’s well will determine if we are placed into covenant destiny. 


May we always be ready to serve.


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