Abraham Part 6: shall I hide from Abraham what I intend to do?

Genesis 18.


Abraham through the tests and walk of faith was no stranger to supernatural visitations and angelic presence. Here we see Abraham host to 3 angels or it would seem by the narrative that God Himself came to dinner.

We surmise therefore that when we enter into covenant with God we should expect Him to appear and commune with us.

The first thing that happens is that the promise of offspring has now become specific according to time. It seems the angel/God gave about a year.


When we are walking in faith God’s promises gain specific time for fulfilment. It is not just about vaguely believing in a time that may come but now Abraham is given timing. He is given the “kronos” time. That is when we study times and seasons in scripture we particularly see the distinction when it comes to New Testament Greek. There are two words for time: kronos; physical time in terms of years; months; days and hours. Kairos; speaks of a season determined by God.

When we understand their workings we can come back to the Old Testament understanding their application in how God operates. Here we see something curious in the life of Abraham; kairos is now operational specifically in the present Kronos and we see that God is bringing every kairos promise to fruition in the present Kronos.  The only promise that would not be fulfilled would belong to his descendents.

When we walk in faith we start to see every kairos promise operate in our present Kronos.  Which means we live in continual breakthrough.

This was not only to come in fullness to Abraham but to the whole family and it seems without evidences that were visible and without any documentation Abraham just believed and lived it! He did not have a Bible to live by.  He had no church. He just walked as though God was not a man that He should lie.


So when you read Genesis 17 the interaction between God and Abraham was such that in chapter 18 we see 3 supernatural beings bring about a change to Abraham. And God was not about to hide His Plans because it involved Lot: his righteous brother.

We read that Lot is exceeding vexed in spirit by the increasing depravity which surrounded him. And they did not change even though Lot demonstrated his faith. This got the attention of God who determined to share why 3 beings of great power presented themselves to Abraham and dined with him.

What God shows us is that when we transition from walking believing to walking in personal covenant He hides nothing of His plans.

And so it was that the outcry against Sodom from Lot had reached heaven and God was “going down” to see.

So if we are to understand it well and bring to a modern day time; God hides nothing from those who walk with Him in personal covenant. And some of what He shares with us is part of a visitation to identify the “outcry” that rises from His covenant people.

When He comes to our “tent” in visible forms is because God is about to change the landscape. For this reason James says that the effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much! And He is involving us in the visitation. He deals out covenant blessing on our side and judgment on those with whom the outcry and vexation has been dealt by them.

And from Abraham; honest searching of the Lord that remembers that out of a city of such wickedness that the Book of Jasher goes into detail; was a righteous man. The angels were sent to get Lot out because fire was about to fall and consume the whole two cities.

It is certain that today an outcry indeed rises to God. It is certain that wherever His covenant people reside in grief and vexation God Himself will bring them out and deal decisively with those who so vexed God’s people.

What I am saying in a nutshell is that God is about to come to us in the context of covenant to share with us about our communities and our nations.  He will use us to bring souls out from grief into a new Land. 

It is also a invitation to understand that there is a place in God we need to be. Not just a Believer in a traditional sense but a Believer with an understanding that even in the New Covenant there is a need to walk out a personal application of covenant. Walking in a framework of intimacy and obedience that brings us into the audience of those who know God’s end time plans.

To these He hides nothing.


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