Abraham Part 5; when the invisible motivates you.

Hebrews 11 gives us the motivating factor of Abraham’s journey. It was the unseen that motivates. That is a description for faith.


Hebrews 11 said “Abraham looked for a city whose maker and foundations are God”.

The fact is he knew it existed. Revelation 20 and 21 shows us it existed.

We spend our lives looking. I want to ask you does your looking motivate you? And what is it you are looking for?

For Abraham, the substance of his pursuit was in the realm of the unseen. You could not touch it. You could describe it. You could envision it. However what you know is unseen motivates you to give up what you know and love to go and to do what you would not normally do.

Hebrews 11 says Abraham was a tent dweller. I am certain that Ur was a city of houses and relative comfort.

So it is certain by reading by the narrative of Genesis that as Abraham walked motivated by the unseen something extraordinary began to happen. He frequently experiences angels visiting him; even a heavenly Priest. 

The reason why spiritual manifestions can be lacking is due to the way we lead our lives. If what motivates us is earthly no spiritual dimension can interact.


Sometimes to pursue that which is unseen we must move away from what we have known. It is uncomfortable but it leads us into dependence.

My question is: what is it that motivates you?



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