Abraham part 2; the spoils of war

Today I sent a prophetic warning concerning  the war that is brewing in the Middle East and many societies are being made to be ignorant of the plans of hidden groupings who would have an interest in such a war.


We see Abram at war against 5 kings and defeats them. We see the meeting of Abraham with Melchizedek in a covenantal exchange. In Genesis 14 we see Abraham/Abram moving in his covenant . The ultimate passage to full covenant is ministered by the King of Salem (Shalom I. E peace. ) who is a shadow of Jesus Himself as He is the Prince of Peace. 

Having made war and taken back Abram sees the value of the applied covenant. He also sees the act of retaking Possession as being covenantal.

Today we may see the faith cheapened by a superficial understanding. We need like Abraham “take by faith” in the Spirit, Possession of what is ours by covenantal right. It is clear that once we do Jesus will meet us in that hour with blessings untold and unimaginable. 

The holy lifestyle is seen as bigotry. Our lifestyle against sin is seen as delusional. Our laws are being changed and substituted with humanistic ideologies. Societies once impacted by spiritual revival see as essential an all embracing attitude to all modes of life labelled as sinful in the Word.

The Bible is replaced in schools and universities with theoretical text books which seek to replace God with laws of nature. Morality is reduced to personal choice.  These are the territories and people we need to rescue and take spoil.

Melchizedek blessed Abram with the highest Name of God; El-Elyon.  It is obvious to me that a door opened in the spirit realm to a place where this “El” was operating. A rare spiritual place to be.  Here this highest authority was being rained down bringing a capacity beyond comprehension to take territory and set prophetic territory markers for generations.

The reason why Abram/Abraham is a powerful ministration to us is because this life not only touched a generations but all generations.

Abraham knew what God would do through him as the “Possessor” was moving to him, through him.


The promise to Abram was that all enemies would be delivered into his hand. Read the blessing of Melchizedek Genesis 14:20.

Today there are kings gathering for war. Not only on the earth but in the spiritual realm and it will take a unlocking of understanding and the walk of Abram to see that even today those kings can be defeated in the covenant.


What we need is a conviction that we walk with God covenantally and as such our destiny is determined by God.

Melchizedek is God’s representative at that time. All we know is that which scripture does not tell us.
1. No descent
2. Godly in a godless society.
3. Priesthood in a pagan society.

He is a shadow of Christ Himself.

When God makes covenant with us He will raise up people to minister enabling to us in any situation.

Once we know who moves through us our warfare is over. That is because we fear as we struggle to grasp who He is. Once God takes us into realms of covenantal walking with Him we then lose that fear.

The tithe is in a covenantal framework as a witness of the first fruit spoil in a territory prophetically marked out.

Do you know your covenantal territory?

Are you possessed by the Possessor?

May our warfare today in many spheres be a conscious opening of spiritual doors for the generations!


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