Abraham Part 1: A call to be.


We are going to examine the Call of Abram/Abraham from contemporary eyes. We are also going to examine other sources that relay some information over his life.

What we know is that Abram was born and raised in Ur about 2500 BC. The narrative in the Book of Jasher tells us that there were signs surrounding his birth. Even speaks of the influence of Noah in his life. Whether or not this is historical remains to be seen. It just gives us a glimpse into life at that time.

Abram was called out. Called away to make a difference and begin something new. There is something pioneering about Abram’s walk with God and what God led him to do.


He was to depart what was known as the center of life in that time. The reason being that God was establishing His Blood line through the many strands of God’s purposes.

He was not called to speak but his life has spoken for over 4000 years. He was not called to lead but he has led millions to faith. He was not called to conquer yet his example has conquered so many Kingdoms that have arisen and fallen.

Abraham dared to obey God. And the many tests that God made him pass through means that he was ready to enter into partaking the “vision” that God has unfolded through the centuries and will still unfold. 

Abraham was a partaker of purpose that continues to hold heavenly influence. Through Christ that Abrahamic influence is ratified eternally for always.

For me this Call is far more than just doing but being.


It is so powerful that Abraham was willing to walk in a physical desert even though what he was seeing was not desert but a eternal community with heavenly design and heavenly building blocks. It did not matter because he knew that was he was doing was foundational to a new type of family which would eventually become a nation of kingship and Priesthood.  (REV1:6).

Today there is so much said; so much done that the Church has so become inserted in “Ur” that we no longer have an objectivity to see that the nations no longer embrace the law of God but the mode of life summed up as “securalism”.

Why God called Abram out has all to do with the destiny God has called him to. And the destiny God had for Ur and Babylon.

Babylon today is not a physical nation but a spiritual principality which brings confusion and corruption to the world.

Our destiny means we must heed the Call which brings us into moments of physical separation walking to what does not exist so that what does not exist is made to appear. (HEB11)


What we need to do is follow the direction God wants us to go into so that we do not conform to contemporary culture but that we be pioneers of God’s community.

Unless we heed God’s distinction we shall be counted as a inhabitant of Ur. And the consequences of this are not mere profession but how we dared to walk it out.


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