Be transformed, be not conformed

There is a difference between being transformed and conformed.

Transformed is what happens inwardly to outward.

Conformed is what happens outwardly that changes the inward.

The challenge for our generation is how we present the faith. Certain words are becoming labelled as intolerance and bigotry. 

I have become disturbed by the manipulation by various forces of what the faith is all about.

Paul’s phrase in Romans 12 speaks across the centuries to our day.

To meet the forces that be; we need to discern if we are being moulded in our perspective by outward forces. Or whether we are being transformed by an inner process called sanctification which causes us to think and act as Jesus would.

When we bend and break by majority opinion we know the spirit of the age is at work.

Today I thought the only way to pray is ask God to break the spirit of this age by a display of God’s authority through His Church.

Let us not mistake what may happen to us. Let us discern if what we are passing through is not by external earthly forces rather than inner divine processes in our being. 

Psalm 2 ever rings true. When the disciples prayed this in Acts 4 so the place was shaken. And they were filled.

How much we need to see a shaking and a filling. The shaking of earthly structures to bring spiritual enabling is urgent.

So today discern.


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