War is upon you: Gandalf to the Steward of Gondor

One of my favourite films of all time is Lord of the Rings. The reason being the spiritual implications are so clear.


The scene that comes to mind is Gondor. The Steward resists the return of the King. It seems that the Steward is in fact a parallel of the Church leadership today.

Gandalf who is seen in my view to be a type of Christ or a prophet presents himself before the Steward to warn of impending war. The Steward replies that he intends to resist any attempt by Gandalf to bring in the rightful heir of Isildur  to Gondor. The Lord has disquieted my spirit today by reminding me of the scene.

The Lord says that the war to end all wars is at the doors of the nations. It is time to let the King return to His rightful place. The reason why war is upon us is because the leadership have resisted the Coming of the King. Resisted through the propagation of wrong doctrine; deception; witchcraft on many levels.

When the Steward; in the film sees the vast army he loses faith and admits defeat. Wherein Gandalf hits him with his staff.


It is akin to a leadership that knows that the King will return one day but is resisting because it is hanging onto power like Saul devoid of the Spirit and the legitimacy of a Throne. But before the enemy is weakened .

What am I saying in all this?

I am saying that the enemy is moving the pieces in the world stage to bring such a destruction that all should wake and look over the walls of their “Gondor”.


The enemies are already preparing. It is time that the King should return to bring peace to the Kingdom.

Let us heed the call and light the beacons. Beacons of the call to revival. We need a revival because without it we are lost. But we have a comfort because the King is coming to take His Rightful place.


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