The Reason for the Season part 1: new beginnings

We have arrived at the most wonderful of seasons; Christmas. Tonight the yearly ritual happens. We take out the decorations and light up the dark nights with lights . And it is exactly what happened when Yeshua arrived. It was a dark time and Yeshua came as a light. I think the Gospel stories are woven beautifully but it is Luke 2 that captures the small beginnings which paved the way for a vibration that even caught the attention of the King. The vibration was caught by those who were prepared by God to understand that something big was about … Continue reading The Reason for the Season part 1: new beginnings

Europe in the midst of terrorist war

I really had a visitation from the Lord last week and what was curious was the source from which it came. It did not come from the Word but came from a film that I love. I am not saying that the French government should not seek out the perpetrators of this attack last week.  Rather as well the call to “light the beacons” was a call to the Church to mobilise a prayer chain very powerful to spark off a revival. The revival and visitation of God would attack the ideology behind radicalisation.  As it is I sense we … Continue reading Europe in the midst of terrorist war

Light the Beacons of Prayer

The Lord is moving on me today regarding the film “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.” The beacons were lit to summon to war. Gandalf asks the steward to light the beacons to summon for war. The steward does not believe war is upon Gondor until the armies are at its walls. The Lord shows me as one beacon is lit by believing the prophetic word and acting on it in prayer we will see a network of beacons across the nations lit. This is serious. The press over the world are not telling us what is going … Continue reading Light the Beacons of Prayer

War is upon you: Gandalf to the Steward of Gondor

One of my favourite films of all time is Lord of the Rings. The reason being the spiritual implications are so clear. The scene that comes to mind is Gondor. The Steward resists the return of the King. It seems that the Steward is in fact a parallel of the Church leadership today. Gandalf who is seen in my view to be a type of Christ or a prophet presents himself before the Steward to warn of impending war. The Steward replies that he intends to resist any attempt by Gandalf to bring in the rightful heir of Isildur  to … Continue reading War is upon you: Gandalf to the Steward of Gondor