The highest form of justice; forgiveness

Forgiveness is a supernatural ability to release other human beings from being the object of our anger and dismay so that they may reflect. It is also the release of processes of divine justice upon all that pertains the dark realm. 

When we have been betrayed , maligned and lied about we can feel the desire that the other party might taste the bitterness of what they dish out to others! 

Forgiveness must be our first divine enabling if we desire to progress deeper into the things of God. Forgiveness is a letting go of desiring our own idea of justice for the other person. 

1. Forgiveness detaches us from the evil venom launched and deposited UPON us. 

2. Forgiveness releases us from our human vision of hurt and causes us to transcend from our nature and tendency to desire revenge. 

3. Forgiveness releases us into the divine nature so that we may flow in the river of love that has flowed from God since the beginning.

4. Forgiveness releases us from the need to plead human justice and releases the process of divine judgment.

I think particularly that Jesus when He was smitten and nailed to the cross called out not for justice for Himself but forgiveness for all. The effects were 2000 years of people changed by Him. But in the spirit realm Satan  was eternally defeated. There is victory in forgiveness.

We are made to see that forgiveness is a passive and weak attitude but really it is a proactive release of humans from the malignancy of human nature and enforcing the victory of Calvary over the enemy. 

So next time when you are hurt and dismay comes in may  you embrace that divine ability to release others and reinforce satan’s defeat. 

Most of the conflicts in families, marriages, communities and nations are manipulated by malignant forces. Forgiveness cuts their influence. But for that to be exercised we must be changed ourselves. 

I am writing this not because I have arrived but because it has been revealed for me as a lesson to keep a discipline of forgiving. It is not easy because our flesh and the world and even the devil resists this. 

May we change the medium we live by our inclination and our divine nature to forgive.

One thought on “The highest form of justice; forgiveness

  1. Amen! Whatsoever we bind on the earth we bind in Heaven. Forgiveness is a vital part of our walk. Walking in unconditional love and learning to not pick up offense is very important in preventing those legan landing strips for the enemy to torment us.. thank you..

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