Today the social media is full of immediate happenings of things which could be and should be.

Eschatology and the moons; as well as the various “signs” that we should all take note. 

The greatest sign of the end is in one word: immediatism where now is the king of all times.

Now: where my comfort must be realised

Now: where my suffering must disappear

Now: where my poverty must depart

Now: where my work must cease

It is the spirit of the age. And it has infiltrated all our mindset. So much so that we live in the most troubled of times. Unstable and instability are symptoms of a greater dysfunction. 

God’s plan is eternal; therefore time is inserted into this context. And Jesus however He returns and whenever He returns will break our mindset about the end things. However the generations come and go; God will fulfil His Eternal plan. 


What we must do to enter into a deeper prophetic understanding is to depart and separate ourselves from the comfort seeking and sufferingless generation who will not endure. God is not in a hurry.

Isaiah 40 speaks 800 years in advance of happenings which only the detail shows us how it was fulfilled. Once we embrace the eternal plan we will see immediately the finer detail become apparent. 

With this I am not saying that I do not believe we are in the end days…but also the 1st century Christians also believed in Christ’s immediate return. 

We are blinded by:

1. Biblical misunderstanding and error.

2. Selfish agendas

3. Fleshy desires

4. Worldly fashions

We must seek God to separate us from this spirit. We must learn that to see the things of God birthed in us; much must be broken away from and we must endure the suffering of breaking what is natural and resist the temptation to facilitate what cannot be. Our faith cannot be conditioned by own need to have all revolve around us.

Why do you think marriages and families break apart; even in the Church? Because we have an expectation for the now; and no tomorrow. 

The Gospel that incorporates a element of sacrifice and suffering is generally rejected. Our attitude to acquiring comfort beyond our means shows how far away we can be. 

Once we expel the mindset of immediatism from our lives maybe then we will begin to understand and flow with a plan that was conceived in eternity past when all was dark and non existent. Played out in past generations and will flow into eternity future. 

Whilst our earthly comfort has a hold we may never realise our heavenly call. 

Abraham rejected Ur and journeyed as a nomad in pursuit of that which brought him into seeing and fulfilling a distant future vision. 

What we do now will affect distant generations. 

Let us dethrone the now and embrace eternity because then , God’s purpose will make sense. 

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