Terrorism in the heart: you do not fight against flesh and blood.

We are all concerned with acts of terror from people who have interpretations and grievances. The mind and the way we process the circumstances that we pass through can either make us or break us. When you consider the way that strongholds are formed for which the enemy persuades us of a reality which is not really reality.

Judas Iscariot  was a man who allowed greed to steer his life. To the point that the sanhedrin were able to manipulate this obsession to betray Jesus into their hands. Judas sold Jesus with a kiss.

How others manipulate us through our obsessions and weaknesses to act with acts of terror in others’ life. When he saw the magnitude of what he did he was remorseful but not repented. The remorse brought no change. It ended up with his own suicide. 

We need to understand that as much as God has a plan for us;  so Satan also has a plan. In that plan we are guided to destruction. It is through our weaknesses and obsessions that we are persuaded about a reality which really does not exist. The carrot is hung before us to follow and eventually leads to our demise.

The way to tear down strongholds is the Word revealed opening the eyes to a real reality.

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