Eyes Closed in Preparation and Eyes open in Revelation

Luke 24

We are embarking in a month of prayer. This month is not about asking but abiding. We do so much asking and not enough abiding.

So God has had me concentrate in the appearance of Jesus after the Resurrection.  Here we see 2 disciples downcast and despondent.

Jesus appears alongside. As He does when we are sad.

Their eyes are “witheld” from recognising Him. Their sharing reveals how human was their interpretation of who Jesus was and what He had come to do.  Jesus in this discourse opened eternal plans and the necessity of the suffering of the Messiah. Their eyes were closed in PREPARATION. 

He started in Moses and the prophet tying off loose ends in their understanding.

Then when they are talking they allude to Jesus being a prophet. Yet their eyes and expectation needed to be lifted up. So as He broke the bread so their eyes were opened in REVELATION. 

How much we need this. We need to allow God to prepare us in confusing times where the Word lays the tapestry and interprets that ornate tapestry into an interpretation of what God purposed in eternity past; what He is doing in the present; and His purposes for our future.

That way we perceive our part in that eternal masterplan.  And we see that Jesus imparts to us a part in phase 2 of His Ministry. We are delegated authority to execute His Purpose as He is at the Right Hand till He returns.


One thought on “Eyes Closed in Preparation and Eyes open in Revelation

  1. The Lord first laid down signs, I then making choice to follow.
    What seemed very small, nearly bread crumbs…God later revealed His word with spoken promises. Such comes when seeking His heart alone.

    Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

    God spoke with complete conviction when He said ,( I Will ). He promised His total will to answer, and not our searching or wondering for answers…use of our will to produce a thing.
    God also making full and complete promise to reveal, (and Shew) those things which we have never before seen nor capable to consider. Great and mighty things He has before prepared, that which we need to go onto, present and future.
    God with promise of Himself, perfect, complete, SINGULAR IN POWER TO ACT…to those who have believed, naturally asking in complete confidence of our Father God.

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