It is not WHO you trust it is HOW you trust

Just been through a great trial for the last 5 months. It has caused us much stress and sleepless nights. Not because we did not trust God.

No it was trusting despite the circumstances that raged on. We have and have had to decide HOW we trust. We needed to have tested whether Ephesians 3:20 really works.

I have found it does. Our trial was no more than positioning for the miraculous and that miraculous acquisition was exactly for us.

I learned that faith favours continuity of the consistency of God having a purpose in our lives. It is not a set of random circumstances.  What I saw was God makes sure there is no human interference or manipulation in the miracle.

The end result is that we intimately know that He will never let us down and is determined to bring us into a place of greater revelation of Him.

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