Could you not watch with me one hour?


We have no idea what Jesus passed through in the Garden of Gethsemane. The horrors and pain and the loss of intimacy with the Father as He was made sin for all of us.

He was going to taste pain in every sphere. He was going to be violently killed off in every sphere.

We all go through moments where we experience some aspect that Jesus went through. He spiritually envisaged what awaited Him. He was betrayed by one of His own. He would be judged falsely. He would be sentenced for keeping the status quo. He would be mauled and scourged without just cause. He would be exposed in shame before all.

Some of us pass through pain.


Jesus in His humanity needed someone with Him in His hour of pain. He saw that the disciples had fallen into a slumber not of tiredness but of sorrow.

We all need someone to be with us. That can pray. That can passionately search the Mind of God for us. Who can transmit hope.

Let us all be those who can wait on each other.



I wrote this post as it is a personal expression as I have written here many times about our housing issue. We still have no concrete direction as we depend on the state for supporting our monthly rent. But landlords do not accept this criteria. We care for 2 children of our own who have special and specific needs. We have tried to rent a house but also funds are very low and we cannot pay the fees they ask and the deposit. We ask that you pray and intercede for us. We do not understand as to why we are finding this blockade. We have to go to court next week with a view to extend our time in this property.
We need a Word; we need also support to get a new property.
If you sense a leading to send a donation please use PayPal on  we ask that God use you to speak to us.

3 thoughts on “Could you not watch with me one hour?

  1. I understand others standing with you in pain. A month back I was in so much pain I was screaming, various people sat and prayed over me as they waited for doctors to find out the cause and help me cope with the intolerable pain. Having others hold you is a real blessing.
    I pray that you will have people of God stand with you at this difficult time.

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