Radicalized faith

The whole term of being radicalized has changed and our own perception is changing as the world is changing.


What do we mean?

We mean that: our expression of faith goes beyond the normal expression of devotion and the influence of example to the forceful obligation to accept that faith accompanied with acts of violence.

Being radical in our expression and commitment is not wrong.

Acts 2 was a example of forceful preaching which led people to conviction. We can be persuasive but we must weigh what violates the free will.


We must present the message of Christ within the boundaries of respect without compromising our principles. We must promote the freedom of the will.

Once we forget these guidelines one day governments and societies will turn against us too and see Christianity as a ideology that is an enemy of the state.



We have to put papers into the courts to hold off the eviction. We ask you pray for favour and a door open for a new house. Pray for Finances. If you desire to sow please use PayPal and email ref russelldurose@yahoo.com

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