The angst of the Perceived Bigot

Today anyone who claims to follow the code of conduct expounded from the Bible is immediately labelled a Bigot.

It is perceived that the Believer is a person who is not progressive in their thinking.  So what is a progressive? One who accepts all walks of life even if the Bible speaks plainly against it. 

The dangerous part of society is that what we do equates to what we are. And how we respond to that is increasingly frowned upon and even governments are extending powers to arrest on Social Media if we are openly rascist; homophobic or whatever our strong language speaks against. Some of this is good as we have no right to incite and stir up hatred to any people group.

So how do we reach this generation when they lobby so effectively to prevent us to reach them?

1. Focus on God’s love not disapproval.
2. Focus on Jesus and what He DID.
3. Focus on personal transformation.
4. Focus on trusting the Holy Spirit and His Effective way to convict.

If we focus on the above I am sure we will avoid the pitfalls.

Right now what we have to resolve in ourselves is how we feel about our position to other religions; lifestyles. We must try to ask God to change our heart and that way we will not be politically correct but all the time seething and simmering below the skin. .

The fact is society is growing less and less tolerant of us because in the past we failed to be tolerant to the point of relating and we judged and preached a message that none could measure up. It was not the Gospel but our version of the law.

Had we used a innovative approach that only God could show us maybe instead of ostracism which brings division; we could have allowed the Spirit to bring change.  Instead we did not trust the Spirit but went ahead in a naive zeal which hurt more than healed.

We can all be forgiven for an excess of zeal but steadily we could be hauled before the law for breaching new rights gained in a society that is more and more secularised.

Our intolerance has reaped intolerance to the point of punishment.

And those of the Church we thought were examples are now plunging the depths of apostasy.

It comes down to using human yardstick whilst never asking God what attitude He has to a society build legal walls that prevent any message reaching the heart.

There was a vacuum of spiritual vitality and the enemy came to fill it with a foolproof way to legalise sin. Sin is not the act or the attitude but rather the acceptance that falling short is a lifestyle.

May we search God’s heart for this generation.


Personal Update

We have been searching for property whilst waiting for court proceedings because we did not vacate on 9th June. We had nowhere to go. We have legal costs which we have to support and we need the help of our readers to ride through this time. We are waiting on a new home in a different region and this should be resolved within a month. We will need finances for this. If you can help us please use PayPal on address.

Our daughter had a small operation this week. She is still doing dialysis. 

Pray for us.

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