The Love of Money…

Currently we are up against the Greek crisis where today being the deadline for a payment to the IMF. It is said if the government fails to pay ahead of the referendum it is an indication of a trend towards default. 

I got to thinking this morning about the turmoil on the stock markets and felt that the third world war is not being waged on battlefields but in banks.

It is widely known that the wealth of the world and the destinies of government across the globe is controlled by the few. And the stranglehold of monetary manipulation can soon cause a country to descend into chaos and civil unrest. It will prey into the hands of those campaigning for a new world order.

What I feel that if there is a war waged the cost is not blood but it is the suffocation of democracy. That is why in the UK there is such anti Euro feel. We see what started out as a trading platform become a bridge to a pseudo democratic state which has no monetary or political accountability.

When the “love of money” rules the main corruption is the belief that we can manipulate whole populations with the access to finance . And at what a price?  For the Greeks who are seen as the bedrock of democracy it is a loss to Sovereignty.  However the Bible shows us time and time again how empires fell. The Babylonian empire that overun Jerusalem was overun by the Persians less than 70 years.

The King who allowed the Jews to return had a different inclination to the one who took into captivity. Shaped by wise godly men inside like Daniel in less years did Babylonian domination weaken.

The Romans who overran many Kingdoms lasted more than 400 years as they persecuted the Church and one embracing the Christian message marked it’s eventual downfall.

If anything both history and Biblical narrative shows us that the oppression of free living does not last.

Today where money is a god to be served we will see God Himself undermine the very foundation it is built. And maybe Greece is the catalyst of this undermining. We need to pray that the Greeks forget their momentary survival and think about their children. What tyranny do they need to submit to.

When you consider that 240billion euros was paid to banks in 2010 without any social investment in the impoverished population you can understand the anger.

Let us pray that mammon does not prevail.


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