No Exit Clause

New Words are invented daily. 

We have Brexit and Grexit describing the leaving of a country from the EU.

I got to thinking about these words and how diametrically opposed they are to the Word of God.

Jesus had His Exit moment in the Garden. He had asked God in a moment of anguish if there was any way to avoid the Cross. There was none.  Instead of receiving reprimand from the Father He received Grace.

Life is like this. I see the Will of God wind through difficult choices and it seems to me that obedience never is the easiest route or the most convenient. And whilst our humanity fights the Father comes with a special grace.

I sense that in this age we are on the threshold where persecution of believers is to break out even in civilised countries. And there is no exit clause because what is presented is Christ or recanting and going the way of the world. 

In a smaller way choices will have to be made.  Will you choose the wide path of social acceptance or the narrow path of walking in the footsteps of Christ. 

We all have a cross which we must experience in this life. Do we shy away?

If we do not allow that cross to fall on us or we nailed to it with our obedience we  become enemies of it. 

For true ministry to flow and make a difference we need to experience the cross on our life. Even if it means going against public opinion and having few friends because we dared to live the life of Christ then in the day He appears we shall be like Him.

We may not have riches; we may not have a pulpit. We may not be in itineraries ; we may simply be praying in our small house for a move of God.

In the Hebrides Revival those who prayed it down were not seen in the meetings because they were caught up praying in the souls to the Kingdom.

Hidden before men and known before God.

I have to be honest that in my greatest trial; my greatest opposition; my greatest battle never more has that grace afforded me fellowship with the ancients who have gone before us in the faith.

The challenge today is not will I succeed but is will I resist the temptation to enter the exit route which leads to perdition and death!


2 thoughts on “No Exit Clause

  1. Brother Durose, Yes, that’s true -by grace let us identify with Jesus. I appeciate your non-compromise. Sometimes I think…why can’t life just be easy? Why does everything have to be hard? I think its because we are training to be overcomers, to rule and reign with Christ. Sometimes the littlest things present challenges…like today I was trying to fit everything into a package. I got the box to close, and the tape ran out. Such a tiny thing. But you get the idea. May God give you and your family a peacable habitation, a sure dwelling, and a quiet, resting place. May He make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you, and give you peace. May he bless you and keep you, under the shadow of his wing, and as the apple of his eye. M. Lopatka

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