Faith in the Faithful One Hebrews 11 They Obtained

Faith is gain. Fear is loss. Fear causes us to lose the platform of true peace which undergirds us and give us miraculous ground to walk on when the obstacles are before us.


Faith has always to be exercised in the moment an impossibility presents itself.

But in verse 2 we read: ” That is what the people of long ago were praised for.”

Or in the King James: For by it the elders obtained a good report.

Somewhat changes its meaning. The first quote from verse 2 was from the NIV Reader’s version. The King James retains a purer meaning even in it’s older language. It is rich and elegant.


It says that the is an obtaining in our faith. The word is taken from the KJV because it is a powerful interpretation . The obtaining is the gain one gets in their walk of faith.

There is a twofold obtaining here. The obtaining from men is simply being an example to follow. However one could miss the greater significance.

The greater meaning is the obtaining in the heavenly realms.  Faith catches the attention of God because one lives and moves as God does in the same dimension.

Today I read that “all Scripture is God breathed.” However in the NIV Reader’s version it says that “God breathed life into the Scriptures.” And the sense I got is that faith is an outworking of this of God breathing into us a reality that goes beyond our senses which defies the contrary things we see and hear from our senses to act upon that, and live within that which is invisible, illogical, to the natural man.

So this kind of intimacy with Him who is invisible, believing in the perfection which has yet to be manifest here in the earth.  So in this level something has to be obtained. 


In all the examples given here in Hebrews 11 we see those ancestors live with less of physical scripture and knowledge yet their understanding came from their audacity to live in intimacy with He who is invisible.

They inherited Kingdoms that were not theirs by natural ability. They defied armies without having natural strength.

But what they obtained cannot be confined to this temporary existence nor by temporary and fleeting recognition. They obtained standing in the heavenly realms that transports into intimacy and authority. The intimacy that James 4 talks about; submit unto God ; resist the devil and he shall flee.

Psalm 18 gives us the picture of the trajectory of faith that makes us warriors. David cries out to God in the beginning and by the end of the psalm he is chasing the enemy down. 

So what we obtain through faith is lost through fear.  And fear governs the world right now.  When you live in intimacy with Him you have the spiritual conviction that despite what the eyes show you and what the ears cause you to perceive audibly is not what God tells you.

And once you enter into greater levels of intimacy you obtain authority. Your warfare is almost done when you are a inhabitant of the realms of glory. You detect oppression on your spirit and depression on your mind.

This is not to say that the enemy will not try to resist. Jesus won over the enemy in the wilderness and he “departed until an appointed time.” There will be seasons of testing.  These are ordained for our good. We tap into our intimacy and our knowledge of Him to defeat every lie of Satan who lives to accuse God to us;  and us to God.

In faith we obtain eternal benefits and we become an example for others.


Personal Note

I would like to thank a donor who donated having read my last message.

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Without this help we will find ourselves homeless and will be difficult to care for our children who have serious health issues.

Above all that God’s character is to give us a new home. Not because He has pity on us but because He is our Father.

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