Today the main force behind the degradation of the world is fear. Fear drives every war; every conflict ; right down to the marriage breakups; church division.

Fear destroys what was created by faith.


Faith is not just about what was created but WHO created it.

It is about a universal fabric that holds all together.

So if we want to create the same light that brings substance we must operate in the same level.

I feel we must make a new approach to what is faith; what it is based on; does it depend on a theology or is it something more fundamental. 

Unless we operate in a living faith which with it is a lip service to concepts we would rather play with to excite an inquisitive mind.

Faith is the thread of the fabric of our universe. Without it; it would cease to exist .

Personal Note

We are in a situation with our house that we need our brothers and sisters to be particularly generous either in their prayers or their support. We need a new rented property. For this we need financial donations. We have days to secure a property. We will not weigh you with figures but it is substantial. We ask that you consider sending a Paypal to for this.

It is not simply about a house. As you probably know we have a daughter suffering from a renal condition. She has a problem with the veins used to diálise her condition.  This is going to need a surgical procedure.

We ask you pray for this. 

Please pray and feedback.

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