The transitionary coming Kingdom…

The rule and reign of Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of lords, is transitionary, and its spiritual establishment was made possible via the work started through Calvary, Jesus Life, His Resurrection, and His Ascension. It is not one single work, but a chain of events through history that show that an increasing manifestation of Kingdom must take place, for this reason we pray “Your Kingdom Come.”

Right now we are seeing confusion, dispersion, and resistence on the part of humanity and demon alike. And it accounts for the heartache of all those who truly serve in their Calling, but what I am sensing is that as we pray for the manifestation of that Kingdom we are paving the way for the uprising of a new spirit of unity in God’s people. It does not matter which Church they belong, what stream, what movement, what mainstream denomination, we must put aside the dogma and embrace the Kingdom.

The resistence may resist for a night, but joy cometh in the morning…

But for this to come our heart and our spirit must cry out…your Kingdom come…

For that Kingdom to come we must CROWN THAT KING IN OUR HEARTS…

We must recognise His rule and reign in our hearts…

Then maybe we will see the resistence in our families and lives go away.

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