Word for USA

The Lord just put this into my heart…

The Lord would indicate through me, that He has not forgotten the USA. The Lord says just as you see the waves of contradiction, the waves of immorality, the waves of many peoples, the Lord would cast your mind back when Israel was over run by the Romans. The Lord says it is time for my people to receive in their hearts the “Consolation of America” in their hearts and respond by groups, by houses…and to pray and seek the Face of the Lord. It is time that expectancy should rise from among the peoples a solution will come. He will birth among the peoples, the waves, the different ideologies a generation like no other, a comforting generation, a strengthening generation. For as you pray and as you seek the Holy Spirit will indeed reveal even the hidden things of God unto you…and you shall see that the overun situation is not brought on by a people who are ignorant but over run are the People of God, for they “exchanged their high estate” for that which was common.

Indeed the Lord says He will pour a vision, a hope in the midst of His People, and they shall not do meetings as they normally do, they shall not depend on an established order. As prayer for 100 years impacted many generations, the Lord chooses a generation that will indeed impact the generations.

It is not time for fancy words, or neat formulas, but the prayer and the seeking of the saints. For what is birthed in spirit shall be birthed into the physical. And it shall be conceived in the Spirit of God, and shall be pure, and shall from youth speak mysteries that only those so prepared will understand.

A noisy generation? No, this shall be a silent generation but shall know the things of God trodden in prayer.

So it is time to seek Him, for He is saying despite the times you live, there is hope.

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