Letter to our Network: Zion Ministry Network

We run a fellowship of ministries. I am reproducing what I communicated to them yesterday. In this certain truths are shared and where God came in with His wisdom.

Dear all

2 Cor 12.

This network has most of it’s leadership in real health issues and financial issues. I was hoping to put into position a prophet in the network as Network Prophet. I have been stopped not because I sense the Lord stop me or any hidden agenda. It simply has not been possible to accomplish that agenda yet . However to the person concerned I have not forgotten or neglected this duty.

Nisia received a letter this morning of possible surgery on her arm due to the fistula swelling up and hardening.  This appointment will be the 3rd June. 

It has been a time of intense testing. And am grateful to those who have been always on hand to bless and encourage.  

I got to thinking about the health issues that plague the leadership team and asked the Lord about it. 

The Lord told me that He is giving us a special grace according to 2 Corinthians 12. This grace is an enabling to see through suffering and difficulty the vision and ability to serve Him and others. Ordinarily we would shut down and withdraw.  No-one minimises the suffering involved. Kathy has had to have 9 separate procedures. There are those here in constant pain and medication changes.

I ask the question that “how and why do we have all these situations together in a leadership team?” Are we wrong? The Lord said NO. We are a living prophecy of balance in the faith. Whilst we all have faith and believe in God prospering us we do not lean into empty triumphalism or hyper prosperity gospel. Whilst we believe in healing we do not lean into human understanding that who is not healed is in unbelief and sin. Whilst we believe that all things are subject unto Jesus we yet have to see all COME INTO SUBJECTION. It is not about getting doctrine right. It is about accessing that special grace. I am not against healing; provision; prosperity;  but I have asked God to take things away. Not let me walk through them.

But His response is; I am bringing you into an ability to serve me beyond your capacity, love beyond your own needs and see Me even in pain and BELIEVE I LOVE YOU in pain and in need. And despite everything you will fulfil my will and will experience a fellowship and depth which others do not have. 

I believe God is taking us each day into a new place of revelation and understanding. Let us embrace it. 


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