And the Spirit suffered them not

Acts 16:7 KJV

After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not.

I identify fully with this word. They were to continue to Bithynia but the Spirit would not allow it.


I am not quite sure what form that this prohibition took place. What we know is that Paul understood what the Spirit was saying. The more sensitive we are the less dramatic will be the prohibition was. But if we are undiscerning what forms would God use to get us to understand that we are not to step into unordained territory. 

Right now on a personal note I feel we are in Troas right now. We have tried everything to secure accommodation without success. We have my daughter with a renal condition and my son with learning needs. We need your prayers. We feel we have seen our “Bithynia” and seen the Spirit prohibit. Now we are running out of time and by June 9th we need to be out of our current property.

Therefore we ask you for your support and your prayers. We need to know where God is taking us. We need doors to open of ministry; income and housing to open.

We know that in Troas God showed the open door through a dream. He went and prospered there. 

We therefore look to God.



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