Passover Part 3: Two spiritual places where the Kingdom is established

We continue our series in Passover. It is important that the cross of Calvary is the point where death passes into eternity and in eternity Jesus does a work which is phased. Ephesians 4 tells us that he descended first.

He descended not to the classic “hell” that we traditionally believe. The Biblical hell we talk about is the Lake of Fire. Jesus went to Hades. Here is a waiting place where the saints or wicked ones waited for the work of Jesus to be complete.


This work was to release the saints from the corruption of death without the possibility of salvation because there was no other means. sacrifices only covered sin. They did not save from sin.

The Old Testament saints were waiting there as Jesus had not come. When He had come He descended to preach to them what they already knew. Whether we are talking literally or it is an instantaneous occurrence we know not.


So as these saints responded they were released to enter heaven. We see the power of death broken.

When Jesus rose from the dead we see multitudes of graves broken open and we see the generation see Jesus as Lord.

His ascension is the second part of this work. To receive a Kingdom. To receive a Name. This part means according to Peter’s preach in Acts 2 that He received the Holy Spirit to send to the Church to continue His work until He return.

This means that we are in the second phase of the work. And soon the third phase is where the fullness of Passover will manifest which is:

The manifestation of perfection in which the saints are placed in their spiritual and physical places which reflects the fullness of the original plan of God for man restored by the complete work of Jesus and carried faithfully to its conclusion by the Ecclesia.

So Passover is a historical event of two earth shattering events in the past, but is prophetic of a new event.


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