Passover Part 1: Forerunners

Psalm 105 tells us that God sent a man before Israel. He sent a man despised to experience betrayal. This same man was imprisoned and injusticed.


This same man believed the Word. He became the second in charge of the nation. He was the forerunner to brothers to becoming a family. This family became a community. Passover is about a family who became a nation.

Joseph was a forerunner. Jesus is our forerunner too. Who in death glimpsed the Promise. He went before us into the place which would become our inheritance. It is not a geographical place but a spiritual existence. A position in God.


At Passover we celebrate the whole work of passing over . For the Israelites it was a geographical transition which God Himself made the way by guiding them with a cloud and a pillar of fire. Then opening the Red Sea. Taking them over and putting them in a new place of preparation.
So it was a phased work
1. Separation
2. Preparation
3. Definition
4. Proposition
5. Position
6. Possession.
7. Restoration


For us in Yeshua He went before us. He transitioned us from one place spiritually to another. He prepared us to become kings and priests. Revelation 1.6. He gave us the structure and revelation of what the purpose is. For Israel it was to first exercise the judgment on the people’s that were there.

Then to plant a holy nation there. For us we are to be planted in a new nation yet to be revealed.

We are celebrating something that happened but it is prophetic of what will shortly take place.


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