Revival Part 4: Replace and Restore

The greatest enemy to revival is the cult of the individual.


This means that the enemy has effectively constructed a society and a mindset where the rights of the individual supersede all else.

What I mean is that events over the world which need the attention of the Body has the Body,  individual so busy with their own agendas that they cannot see what is taking place.

We have embraced a false gospel called comfort. 


This false gospel even preaches Christ’s message in the context of the positives but it avoids the watchful preparation. Jesus says many times in his parables about the slumber that takes over believers.  I will examine the slumber of Matthew 25.
The first thing we note is that Jesus; the Bridegroom in the parable is having a feast in his house. We know this through the tradition of the 7 day wedding. We do not know when the Bridegroom will leave his house and descend. And approach the house of the Bride. A temporary home. Earth.


Along the entry is 10 virgins. These are the watchmen who must look for the Bridegroom’s arrival. However all slumber.

It is therefore said that the whole prophetic company “falls asleep”.

1. False doctrine
2. Self deception
3. Sinful life
4. Lack of personal holiness
5. Lack of prophetic oil.

The false doctrine centres on the prosperity and comfort of the individual and corporate mindset is lost. Self deception about blinding us from expecting Jesus at any time and preparing for it is one of the major malignant agendas right now. And as a result sin of every kind of level is accepted. The sexual agenda is a focus right now. Centering us all on ourselves. Therefore personal holiness is not understood or practiced. As such a life that no longer has a true vision of holiness lacks the prophetic oil to shine the light in the hour of His Coming. 

Revival gets us back on track. Revival deals with breaking the individual and bringing glory over the corporate Body of Christ.

The Renaissance elevated the individual to break up the power of unity. It is a subtle deception.


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