Just a pause: Israeli election urgent prayer needed.

Before we embark in this post I want to make clear that this is no political leaning.  We have to go beyond politics.

However there are political maneuvering going on. Obama for whatever reason has the conviction that appeasing the Palestinian/Iranian cause he will broker a peace in the middle East. This is fantasy. There will be no peace. 

I am convinced that from this conviction Obama sees that Netanhayu is an obstacle to this peace. And Obama is overtly supporting and funding a Hertzog and Livni political platform.

These have negotiated a political deal with Arabs to have their support and eventually promised places in a future government.

Their plan is to divide Jerusalem and give back the land gained in 1967. This will put the boundaries of Israel so small it almost extinguishes the territory.

The removal of Netanhayu removes the threat of opposition to a Iranian peace deal which the current PM knows it will give covering to a nuclear programme in Iran which will enrich uranium to make a bomb.

This will become the new enemy of Israel and the USA.

Voting for Netanhayu is not a vote for a party. It is voting for defending Israel’s interests.

Remember the last Gaza conflict. It was not just a retaliation for the rockets but tunnels were uncovered. Which proved that had they had not been uncovered in the conflict a serious massacre of Jews would have taken place.

Pass this message around Israelis. Netanhayu is not perfect we know. But what we in the intelligent West, intelligent because we see clearly what Obama is doing and do not agree. Do not allow Israel become a vassal of American policy. If you do in 22 months Obama will be gone. But Israel will be decimated and there will be an open door to extremists running affairs in the middle East. A scenario unthinkable.

Pass this message to Israelis.

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