Treating Transition: Part 4 The 21 day Battle Daniel 10

This is the 4th message, and we come to it from the other side. In my 3rd message I treated the translation of Elijah, the passing of the mantle to Elisha, and how that transition took place, the keys by which we qualify for the new things of God.

Here we meet another issue from the point of view of heaven. We see here a glimpse of the way heaven operates in the things of prayer.

It is interesting that our Network (Zion Ministry Network) has embarked on a structured prayer strategy called Zion Cry which seeks to contextualise prayer in the light of eternal affairs.

Our Church has also labelled 2015 the year when a prayer house must be established. Here a holy synchronisation has taken place.

Getting back to our text…

Verse 1 shows us that Daniel has come to understand the times and seasons. 

That is the key to coming into and flowing in transition…we understand the season prophetically. I understand in my own personal walk that God works with me in seasons. I learn to recognise them! 

We should too. But what season did Daniel recognise? He recognised that the prophecy of Jeremiah had been fulfilled. 70 years had passed since Nebuchadnezzar entered Jerusalem and ransacked it. The people had been taken into a foreign land and taken captive. Daniel knew Jeremiah 29. We have already studied this chapter, and extensively I have spoken to ministers about the context of verse 11. It is not to be taken out of context, but in context. It is hope in difficult and contradictory times.

We see Daniel asking God with weeping how the prophecy had yet not manifested in that the people were to return to their land. He wept. It was 3 weeks. 3 weeks of weeping, fasting and praying…

Then angelic manifestation. 

God is going to bring us into angelic manifestation again, we are in the greatest times of transition. The purpose of this visitation was to reassure in the most miraculous way the regard that God had for the prophecy of Jeremiah, the understanding of Daniel, and the season of restoration. 

The fact that it had yet to manifest was no delay or failure on God’s part. God was organising things in heavenly places, for the return.

The answer was delayed…for there was a war that the understanding would not reach Daniel. 

There is a war in heaven right now, not that Jesus has not gained the victory, but there is released, from the moment we enter in transition and start to move in faith in the prophetic word. God has high regard for His Prophetic Word.



The understanding that is released now from heaven will revolutionise the lives of His People. Hence the warfare.

God did not fail…the answer was released straightaway.

But the Prince of Persia withstood….

Let us examine this in keys:

1. God gives understanding of prophetic times

2. We pray through the prophetic manifestation of its fulfilment

3. God answers

4. Warfare of high ranking beings who are being defeated and displaced. 

5. Restoration. 

We have to understand the heavenly realms, which are not so traditionally understood. There are beings, in high places in darkness who desire to dominate, and God allows them to hold sway over the earth, for a time, but they serve His Purpose, whilst they think they serve satanic purposes…in a sense they do in their nature, but in their timing God holds them. Right now we are in a massive transition in the world, many things are moving and are being displaced.

The greatest truth is that their displacement FAVOURS GOD’S PEOPLE. 



When God wants to move His People He will move political regions, nations out of the way…we see a massive upheaval, what was once powerful is brought down. Rome was powerful, yet for the spread of the Gospel accross the nations God brought down the Roman Empire. And He has brought many more down.

So whereever you are today, if you are flowing in the knowledge of the times and seasons, contributing to the flow of Godly life in your community, God is moving beings, politics, men and women out of your way…for a time they oppress but they eventually lose their grip. How wonderful!!!

The phrase which catches my attention is how REPEATEDLY THE SPIRIT CAME INTO DANIEL LIKE A BREATH. The Spirit is going to come in this time like a breath upon His People, to lift up their spirit. Some are downcast because they are asking: “when OH Lord.” The Lord will breathe into them. 

So today watch, because this is the season of His Breathing.

And as historically the people returned, God moved upon the King of Persia to align Himself with Yahweh, to declare the rebuilding of God’s House. So Kings will be raised up even in these days to cause the edict, declaration to go out for massive restoration.

And the joy as they rebuilt Zion! The joy at the Foundation of the temple being laid!!

God is about to rebuild, lay foundations.

So restoration begins. The oil begins to flow again, the light begins to shine, and a new spirit of the Word consumes the people. Oh Lord send the restoration today!!



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