Treating Transition 3: Elijah and Elisha

In transition we treat the passing of one generation to another.


Here we go to 2 Kings 2. The whole prophetic company know the change of generation.  The whole company is full of chatter.
Elijah is going to heaven.
Elisha also knows this. But he sticks with his master until the end. This qualifies him to pick up the passing legacy.
In transition it is easy to discard that which is passing. But we need to be present when God brings the crossing. I think on this blog I already treated this passing but I think to revisit in a different light will suffice.


What we see is Elijah and Elisha pass through some important stations.
1. Bethel
2. Gilgal
3. Jordan
These are essential to the success of the transfer of a spiritual legacy. When we speak of these stations we see that they subsequently form a permanent circuit for Elisha.
1. Bethel
Bethel is God’s house. It is our first station. When we speak here in the context of the New Testament we speak of the Ecclesia. The Church. We see that it is here that Jacob fleeing Esau gets the notion of God showing and revealing His Purposes. It is important we do not fail to be in the called out ones in the true sense of the word. But you have to discern where your “Bethel” is. It is here that heaven opens and the angels go up and down establishing God’s purpose on the earth.
2. Gilgal
It is here our flesh is cut away. Speaks of the process of sanctification we must perpetually undergo until we pass into eternity. We cannot flow in the fullness of that transitionary legacy of ministry unless we pass the test against the flesh.
3. Jordan
Faith is a great test and Jordan represents this. It always is a barrier for which only those who step out in personal application of covenant can see it become a pathway instead of a impediment. We cannot use our senses in this. Jordan is set before us as the final test between our wilderness learnings and our taking possession. And Elijah took off the mantle and struck the waters. They parted. As did Elisha. Faith is our final test!

The Lord tells me the time of transition is taking place. If we passed all 3 stations will we qualify


The Lord is telling that the price of that legacy is not following only but seeing the heavenly vision in the precise moment of translation.

Some of us are experiencing massive spiritual shifts. We are now conversing the things of God but God is about to fill our vision with fire, chariots of war. The Lord opens the eyes of those so chosen. It will happen as a suddenly. It is your qualifier.

Elijah asked Elisha what he wanted. The reply was precise…a double portion of the same kind of authority. That is some of us have been called to walk with a apostolic company. We have had that mantle thrown over us. Or others a prophetic mantle. Others still the evangelistic. Whatever it is you have joined you must be specific. You must have desire and purpose.

Elijah is suddenly carried away. And Elisha applies by faith as he walks back. Again Jordan stands in his way. Now he must do what he saw Elijah do. He must strike the waters. He must start to flow in the application of his faith. He saw now he must flow.

What you see your leaders do. You will do.

The greatest transfer of leadership is now taking place.  Embrace it and recognise it.



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