Treating Transition part 2: The Difference between Saul and David


We continue our series concerning transition. But this time instead of seeing the workings of transition and it’s component parts we will now see the difference of two men.
Saul and David.

1. Saul represents gifting without preparation.
The whole principle of transition lies in preparation.
A)Preparation in season
B)Preparation in character
C)Preparation in discernment.
When you look at it, Saul is God’s response to the haste of the people. They cried out too soon.
So he is not precisely in season. And not seasoned either. The anointing had no place to work in character. Because of haste even Saul is brought out too soon. Did God make the error. No He taught them the dangers of haste in the things of God. God has a timing.
The Greek believers had words distinctive of time:
1. Kronos: physical time. Days, hours and minutes.
2. Kairos: a season.
This Kairos is only discerned by revelation by the Spirit. And usually the prophet would understand when God changed the Kairos within any given Kronos!


Saul was not brought out in a kairos but in a Kronos.  The people forced the issue. This is why it is important to discern the intricacies of transition!

So if Saul was brought out as a response and a learning curve then it is obvious that no transition process and no preparation is put in effect.

That is why hasty leadership is usually fleshy and without character.

The thing that brings character out is preparation time. 

It can take 20 or more years to make a man of character who becomes mighty in gifting and mighty in Word.


Al Houghton, teacher would say that we all want the benefits of covenant without the demands of preparation.

2. David represents the anointed being prepared for character through obscurity.

We see David the least of his brothers. Forgotten. Yet God came to pick him out from the sheep folds. Contrast him with Saul. Saul stood taller than all around him. He had physical stature but was a spiritual dwarf.


Yet David still stood away from taking anything by force because of some anointing.  We must remember that even we have an anointing for leadership does not automatically qualify us.  We must wait for that anointing to make space in people’s hearts.

David waited 13 years. Suffered constant persecution by Saul. Saul knew that David was a threat. When he would tremble at Goliath, a small youth trusting only in his God was able to defeat the giant.  Sauls tremble at the things only faith can resolve. 


The persecution started in the Palace. Spears were thrown. Saul became unstable. David was driven out to be hunted like a dog. How many anointed have been driven out?

But David wandered the land gaining respect and making the dishonourable outcasts into mighty warriors. Leadership when it is true does not need a place to exercise it simply transforms followers into disciples who manifest the same character and bravery as their mentor.

And David being anointed a king was so walking with God that there was opened other realms unheard of that He could access revelation that only belonged to the priesthood. 

The picture of David with the Ephod shows us
David the King
David the priest
David the prophet. 
What do we see?
We see David sure of his authority and gaining access in the Spirit in his priesthood to information only priveleged to prophets.

So we see that David coming in the preparation of kairos being prophetically aligned for the Kingship through the prophetic utterance of Moses who picked out Judah as the Kingly line. David was of this line. Saul however was not.

So when we are in transition walking in the prophetic lineage we come into our kingly authority giving us the right to take on the ephod that gives us access. Revelation 1:6 tells us we are kings and priests. I am certain this is our calling but few actually move into this dual calling for ignorance of implication and dependence on a life of flesh rather than have one’s life for the Lord.


In conclusion of transition we must learn to wait for God to produce His David. Transition is a process of change. The main thing that guides us is the patience to wait on the promise.

We think of Joseph who also spent 13 years waiting. Psalms assures us of the patience and confidence exercised that He who promises does not lie.

If you want quick results then you will produce flesh and disobedience and death.

For fear of the people Saul assumed the priesthood and presumed on approval. This met with the watershed day.  The Spirit departed from Saul. We never presume.  It disqualified. 

Moses “presumed” that by beating the rock a second time like the first time would suffice to unlock water.  Instead He misrepresented God and misaligned scripture. The Rock called Christ would only be beat once.

Moses was excluded.

Transition, preparation and character are serious components of what God does in us.

So who are we? Saul or David?


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