Treating Transition: Part 1: Transition in Creation

What a better theme to treat than Transition in 2015.

Genesis 1 is the first place we need to start.

1. In the Beginning
2. God
3. Created
4. Void
5. Hovering
6. Spoke
7. Light.

The end result of all transition is light.


The above is just 3 verses at the beginning of Genesis. We examine these elements.
1. Beginning
Beginning is the starting point obviously. It leads us into a philosophical point of our examination of TRANSITION. God is the starting point in that: He is.  The “is” is a constant present reality. That means that God is always present. But yet outside of time.  That means that transition is not about changes in time but movements of God from the eternal expressed in time. 
So what does this mean in our day to day? It means that the eternal is expressing and manifesting itself in time in ever increasing degrees.


This means that God is reestablishing eternity and it’s perfection in time. So much so that it’s limitations in terms of the body, that is the physical, the soul, the character, the spirit, multidimensional will be unshackled from the limitations imposed when “Adam” opted for knowledge outside the confines of divine revelation.


So the beginning is the origin of intent and design. Practically speaking the intent is existence and life. The design is the desire of harmony and love working together to produce the intent.
2. God
God is the constant. The fountain of life. The essence of all that is. He embodies the beginning. He is the centre of all that is transition. Without God there is no transition and no purpose to it. When we assess our spiritual life we must see whether God is the “prime element” or not. This is the start of us discerning what His Will is.


3. Created
God is always creating. Satan always destroying. Today is God’s opportunity to create. What does He want to create? Today He is looking to create the atmosphere for greater levels of intimacy. Union. Oneness. The only motive to all the journey mankind has made in the Bible. Today God is wanting to create. Transition is about the process of creation. Genesis 1 tells us about 6 days. So you must become conscious of the process God is starting in you.  Embrace it. It is not to produce a ministry, a project, a business. It is to produce a love relationship with God. These projects are a expression of those processes of intimacy.

4. Void
This is puzzling. We see forms but there is still emptiness. Darkness. We see this more clearly in Ezekiel 37. We see the army stand.  But they were not yet living. They had the form but had no life. In transition this is where we are tested. We see something come together yet it lacks. It is where we need something extra. The Spirit. Neatly put the Spirit is the air that circulates the “air” of heaven. He is as much as God. He brings life, He is life. Vitality itself. And it is when in transition we need the Spirit to come.


5. Hovering

We see the Spirit hovering. He is waiting.  Waiting for what? The Word. The Voice. There is a partnership between the Spirit and the Word. The Spirit is the bringer of Light. But light is ignited by supernatural knowledge. We all can treat the Bible as a book, or a formula. It is not.

Hebrews 11:1 KJV

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

That is why I like the King James.  The key word “substance” is key. The Word is that heavenly substance to ignite something into existence.

Transition is exactly the process of bringing something of God into existence.

But until the Word comes there is no manifestation. Hence some errors we see today in so called revivals. The Word must be central to all manifestation.

6. Spoke
The Word declared by He who embodies all of its essence is the key. When God speaks a Word it has a Weight. A “weak” human attempt at prophetic declaration is what we sometimes see. Jesus (Yeshua) is that Word, that voice. The Spirit responds every time Yeshua speaks. Transition is about Jesus speaking.

Romans 4:17 NIRV

It is written, “I have made you a father of many nations.” (Genesis 17:5) God considers Abraham to be our father. The God that Abraham believed in gives life to the dead. Abraham’s God also speaks of things that do not exist as if they do exist.

Speaks: present tense. That means Jesus is always speaking. That which is not is spoken of as if it were. Then it becomes. Hence a different way of perspective, conversation, living. 
7. Light
All that God does or says is light. Scientists have come to the conclusion that all that exists is light.
Light reveals
Light protects
Light guides
Light equips.

Transition is about greater dimensions of these. We know more, we advance more, we love more.

Embrace the transition in 2015.


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