The REAL story of Christmas Part 5 : the risks to being part of God’s purposes

When you consider 2 women: Mary and Elisabeth. Both were to bear shame for being with child. One having borne in old age, the other betrothed and known no man. Nor should she.


The moral is: to carry the new things of God carries a risk.

The risks are being in shame,ridiculed,loss of social standing,isolation.


So what we are saying is: THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY.

What price are you paying to follow Christ?

In some countries the price is one’s own life. But to carry the new we must allow God’s own purpose reign over our SELF PRESERVATION!

There in that place we come into God’s protection. And every step of the way Jesus was protected. Even in the womb. Mary went into the mountains to live sometime with her cousin was. The angel gave Mary the information that she was also pregnant. That was for a reason.

God puts pioneers together. And hides them.


So this Christmas instead of allowing the trends and world fashion mould you,maybe God has chosen you to “birth” a prophetic voice that says the things which many dare not. There is too much correctness and invasion into the Church of world influences. It is time for change.

The Christmas story is about massive changes birthed upon the embers of revolution.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Russell A Durose
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