The REAL story of Christmas Part 4: Coming Home

Today the Lord showed me in my imagination the reason for no accommodation in Bethlehem. The dispersed were coming home. The census served to bring God’s people home.

God wants to bring us home. In the sense that sometimes a geographic move brings us into the right place for God to fulfil His Promises.

Christmas is about home and family. And home means rest and contentment. We have studied before that God has ENTERED HIS REST. EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE ESTABLISHED ON THE EARTH HAS ALREADY BEEN DETERMINED IN HEAVEN.
Therefore we must enter into the REST God provided in Christ. The rest has to be conquered by faith.

Some believers struggle with demonic powers because they have not seen the power of Calvary.


Jesus defeated the enemy once and for all. So his attacks start when we exercise fear instead of faith.

A daily battle rages…every time we exercise faith we enter more and more into rest. And as we enter into rest we enter restoration. Jesus is making all things new. He is bringing us home into our promises. All we need to do is trust and obey.

Joseph was obligated to return home and Jesus was born in the prophecy of Zechariah. All was fulfilled to perfection.

This is a season for returning, entering,resting.

Returning from the dark wanderings of tough season because God is leading you. Entering because you are exercising faith. And resting because all has already been established in Christ.


Russell A Durose
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