The REAL story of Christmas Part 3: The Consolation of Israel

This series is to give the background from a prophetic point of view of the most beautiful story of them all. Christmas is celebrating the Word becoming flesh in that key people, all of nature play a part in a beautiful entry of Jesus into the world.


The Christmas season is a season of bright small star like lights. No less than the story related in Luke and Matthew.

Luke 2 speaks of “ Consolation of Israel” a so called prayer and waiting “move” in Jerusalem. Luke specifies two people to show what happened.

Simeon and Ana were old. They embibed an existence of hope and expectation. Luke is specific about them. They were filled with the Spirit,led by the Spirit,and it was revealed by the Spirit.

How wonderful that is!


Their whole lives were taken up into another realm. Whilst the Romans took over and invaded, whilst false messiah movements came and went, they had specific access into the secret plans of God. They saw beyond revolutionary and political aspirations that God was about to change everything. He was about to make all things new!

This newness is marked by unusual moving of the Holy Spirit.

To be part of this you needed to walk with God in a special way.


For Simeon and Ana they were to touch those new things. They were part of a group of people who knew that God was secretly working.

God is doing a new thing today. And for us to have it revealed to us, we need to be filled with the Spirit. This is no Pentecostal experience but rather have the Spirit in our lives so much that we live more for the agenda of heaven than our own.

When you examine the prophetic words of Simeon you see a REVELATION greater than any of those who prophesied into the Messianic era. We see a curtain rolled back on the central mystery that would be a stumbling block: the Cross of Calvary.

He who’s filled with the Spirit will not stumble.


The Spirit leads us to Jesus as He did Simeon. To look beyond the smallness of a babe to look into the spiritual dimension. There the babe is seen as the Lord Himself.

This Christmas God wants you to see in the little things and expressions of each day Himself weaving and engraving His Purpose to bring great changes.

Great mysteries are not shared with all. And God selected those with whom He was to reveal His purpose in them and through them.

Any ministry or Church that does not lead us to Jesus has not the Spirit. Not just in gifting or ministry but reveal the phases and workings of establishing that eternal kingdom that belongs to Christ.

Where Jesus is not just seen as a small human being but the eternal King!

That was the Consolation of Israel. That Israel would be elevated in Christ to fulfil an eternal purpose. Where political agendas no longer matter. Where our days worship a revealed God in His Beauty and Holiness.

This Christmas the challenges are to be filled with the Spirit,have the revelation of the Spirit,be led of the Spirit so that you will carry Christ Himself in your arms !


Ana spent her days in prayer. May we spend this preparation time in fellowship with God. Because then we shall see Him close as He is revealed in our generation !


Russell A Durose
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