The REAL meaning of Christmas Part 2: How kings go into obscurity

I was meditating on the beauty of the real Christmas story. Not the traditional mix that children are given every year. The mix between baby Jesus and Santa. But rather the 2 Gospels that tell stories of the Birth. They are beautiful and rich in the interaction and celestial activity.


The Lord interrupted my thinking in the story with some startling facts. He said that would be my new message. I have taken my time to mature this message because the tendency is to get straight to paper and publish rapidly what God showed me. Rather I have taken more than a week to this point.


When we see the couple Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem we see something marvellous.

We see God inspire the rulers of the day to conduct a census. This obligated everyone to return to their home town. We see a miracle take place. We see a hidden heir to a lengthy line of kings remain in obscurity. Joseph belonged to a direct line with Jeconiah. This man is the first generation of exiles. I just wonder if hiding the kingship was initially a mode of survival after what happened to Zedekiah.

Could it be that God caused this attitude of hiding kingship so that Israel would be ready for the King of kings? It is apparent that the Israel that came back to the land is not the same people. They were changed. The exile birthed new attitude. They saw the restoration of Temple and City more important than reinstalling a monarchy. So Jeconiah a descendent of David, and his line to Joseph go into obscurity. But there are those who argue that as Jesus was not conceived of men that His Kingship is not valid. But Luke shows us Mary’s line. It too is filled of Kings and many times her line crossed Joseph’s. What a miracle and exact choosing of God!


So as the kings were born and all raised in Bethlehem and prophesied as such God moved everything that Jesus be in Bethlehem as He came into the world, moving the heart of the whole Roman Empire so that each would return to his birth town.

It also is a lesson for us. In bringing us into our Calling at times We wait because God is moving rulers and governments so that we are taken to where we need to be. We do not see the Global picture.

God changes attitudes and trends to bring about great interventions of heaven into our world. Kings can be forgotten so that our line is preserved and what was an earthly kingship becomes a heavenly and eternal one! How marvellous!

All we need to do is trust and obey!

More to come!


Russell A Durose
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