The REAL meaning of Christmas Part 1: Preparation of silence

We start a new series of messages delving in deeper to the beauty of the Christmas story. We pray we can go beyond the traditional meanings and symbols that we attach to this wonderful season of the year.


The first thing we notice in the beginning of this story is a 400 year silence. There are no great prophets prophesying to the nation of victories. What we see is the overun of the Persians by the Greeks and in turn by the Romans. A very turbulent time in history. 

But in the “Celestial Silence” a beautiful work began. The silence began to birth a expectation away from the palaces of religious leaders, kings and rulers. God began to visit the common people.


I have observed when leaders ignore the signs of a transition God shifts His activity to the common people and raises up new leaders.

This is why there is silence from heaven. It is an invitation.

It is an invitation to seek Him afresh.

It is a challenge that His silence is only apparent and when His silence is to the Corporate it means He will visit individuals.

I believe there is a corporate silence. Leaders who have been respected have either died or fallen away. There have been divisions. Overunning long established institutions.

In this apparent turbulence there is something special taking place. But only those who the Spirit can work, be sensitive to, be led by, take part in this silent preparation. It is the same in every generation. Bring Jesus into the fore.


It is a convocation.

It is a convocation into a secret place in God where eternal mysteries are slightly seen for even just a glimpse.

If you examine the prophetic words of Simeon in Luke 2 and what the angel tells Zachariah in the same Gospel we see rolled back a mystery that only those so prepared would understand.  God was changing the whole spiritual landscape. 2 babies were about to be born.

1. John was born to a barren womb.
2. Jesus was born to a virgin womb.

This is significant. The prophetic must come to revive the barren womb that can no longer birth. This is similar to the modern day revivals. The womb is our lives and they become barren and stop birthing the things of God. The prophetic in every generation must stir up.

Jesus however is birthed from a generation that has yet to birth. A new generation. When we consider the difference between Moses’ generation and Joshua’s we see what God does. It is not always the generation that receives such great a call that do the work. The generation prepared in silence was there to birth. They did no more than push into being a new being in God. They gave the new babe it’s start to grow into their mission.

The Spirit is bringing us into a convocation which would breathe in revolutionary coals the fire of spiritual passion. The fashion today that young purposeless youth find is go into radicalisation which results in death. God is bringing a radicalisation which will birth life and love!


This is the beginning of the Christmas story. Silence. But intense changes are taking place. Where we see instability and confusion we need to see these as signs of a greater transition .

We need to feel the invitation. We near to hear the convocation.

We will continue this story.


Russell A Durose
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