The Day of the Lord Part 4: seeing

We continue our series.

John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day…

What was the reason?

Greater REVELATION!!! Jesus Himself.


It is very important that what we call ministry should really be a vision of Jesus Himself.

Apostle Paul was an apostle by right because he had an encounter with Jesus.

So the question is what are you seeing?


If your focus is projects, church buildings, finances then you are not in the Spirit! And you are not partaking of the central point of what is the Call to ministry; YOUR VISION OF JESUS.

It may seem radical to you. But it’s true.

So what do we need to do?

Get into the Spirit!!!

How do we do that? We pray for a REVELATION of Jesus.


But what Jesus?

We get accustomed to the Gospel accounts of Jesus as a Servant. But He is now Glorified. It is this Jesus who brings us into ever greater dimensions of His Kingdom.



So when John was in the Spirit it was the day of the revealing of the Glorified Messiah!!!

I believe that season has come. We need to pray: Spirit of God bring us into the day of the revealing of our Messiah!!!

Anything else is worthless.

Because Jesus is the centre of all, the source of all. Anything else is flesh.

So I ask: what are you seeing!!!?



Russell A Durose
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