Day of the Lord Part 3: Abiding

We continue our series. I want to share the very personal truths that I have had to learn that saved me from certain burn out to the point of no return.

God wants us to abide.

The Day of the Lord is accessed in the Spirit

The Spirit is accessed via Abiding in Him.


We Need to understand what the statement in REVELATION is dealing with.

It is taking John to a higher place.

1 where his focus is no longer on himself but on God
2. Where his focus was not on his own strength but on the power of God
3. Where his focus was no more on his knowledge but the REVELATION and living in the higher realm becomes a moment by moment event.
4. Where his focus on his own plans fade into insignificance in comparison of the eternal plan of God
5. Where his life is not limited to a physical sphere but that there is an eternal role and destiny awaiting as part of a Kingdom, a community, and a perfection.


This message is to put us into true perspective that our world does not revolve around us. That is where ministry becomes an effort of the flesh and where our personality shines more than the transforming power of Christ.

When you consider that the Day of the Lord is for the revealing of Christ we need to simply fade into insignificance so that He may be revealed.

John had never seen this Jesus before!!!

And look at what REVELATION 1 describes about Jesus. The robes, the eyes of fire, the purity, the brilliance, the greatness and majesty. It is this Jesus who needs and will be revealed to the world!

And there is a phased programme for this. It is through you and I.


So how can He be manifest if we don’t abide in that Spirit that brings us into the day of the Lord?

We all feel weak but God allows weakness in certain circumstances so that we admit our weakness and begin to understand that our weakness is an opportunity for His power to run through our weakness bringing Him the focus!!!

Where we stop speaking our of our finite minds what we understand about God and ourselves and begin to speak what He understands about us!

When we trust in our intelligence we limit the river of life we flow in. When we embrace His knowledge we become the picture of Ezekiel 47 Where the river flows down bringing trees and fruit and fish. All that was dead is now brought into wonderful richness and life.


Our speaking our preaching, our counsel must reflect this overall wholesome counsel of God not the dead and limited opinion.

When we are confronted with this Glorified Messiah our thinking and doctrinal, dogmatic structure just falls. As dead. As John did.

And what we plan each day has nothing to do with Kingdom at times. We look for comfort. We look for rest. But God is looking for His REST.

God’s REST is delivering His people from their imperfection and have perfect companionship with them . isn’t that wonderful?

And so I conclude. All ministry, all church, all praise, all worship is meaningless unless we learn to come into the Spirit, abide, understand that He and His Glory is the centre and what we live reflects this!

Abide is to be still, live, inhabit, be content with being exactly the place where the Messiah Himself can be revealed as He really is!



Russell A Durose
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