The end of the Beginning: signs of His Coming: a nation that was; that was not; miraculously became. Israel

I feel and am persuaded that the greatest sign of the coming of the Messiah is wrapped up with the reappearance of Israel as a nation.

When you go back into history from 70AD to 1948, the land of Israel was a desert and nomads lived there. Even the British ran the land as part of a protectorate and it seems a place which was not the desire of many as it is today.

When you consider the bid for Palestine to become a Jewish homeland to a people who were displaced, persecuted, ostracised by all; the final vote despite such opposition shows a divine hand in it all.

When you consider the Aliyah,  the return of Jews to their homeland and the wars which Israel has fought, constant bombing you can only see God’s hand upon Abraham ‘ s land and upon his descendents.

No people on the earth has suffered so much, partly due to their own sin,  yet God in His loving kindness draws them back, prospers them where ever they are.

It is a spiritual lesson. To the whole world. A lesson that we do not choose God, but He extends covenant to us.


God extended covenant and this covenant affects the destiny of generations.

When you consider how the Jews prospered America and Europe you see the evidence of that covenant.

So why the opposition and upsurge in terrorism determined to exterminate Israel.

The reason is that the devil knows that once Israel appears as a nation again he knows the coming of Yeshua is within generations.  And he knows a day when Zechariah 12:10 marks the beginning of the end for this fallen creation. This is not just about a people but about a time.  A time to send the devil, the destroyer to the lake of fire.


So this knowledge that his time is short means that he tries to destroy enough to try to thwart God’s plan enough. But it won’t.  There are purposes set in motion that cannot be interrupted.

The decisive moment for the earth was not 9/11 but 1948 when Israel became a nation again.

The former rain fell on the Day of Pentecost AD30 but the latter rain started to fall in 1948. This means that a final harvest is being brought in.

Do not be deceived as many are being.  Many are becoming confused by the secular state of Israel. There is no doubt that some of the policies they follow inflame issues.  But we must understand that one of the reasons that World War 3 has not broken out is all to do with how God is dealing with Israel.

There is a demonic prejudice against the Jews installed through wrong teaching in the Church.  The Jews are part of that covenant people, even though they have not been faithful. But God works through eternity and to whom He extends covenant He brings to Himself. Who are we to argue?

Do not be deceived, current terrorism can vow, bomb to try to stop Yeshua from visiting His people but this will happen. And the end will come. 

It is not just about a people or a nation, it is how God moves in that people that is an indication of the times and seasons.

For this reason we must bless Israel and it’s people so that we are grafted into God’s eternal plan. Politics and terrorism can try to confuse and deceive but our destiny is tied up with the Israelites. 


We must fix our focus in eternal prophetic purposes and only then we will understand that both the Ecclesia and Israel share in a perfect nation and community.  They will share the same Messiah and worship the same God. And God will dwell fully with man as He always desired.

This is the greatest sign of them all; 1948 marks the end of the Beginning. 


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