The Torn curtain: Exposure

Matthew’s Gospel cites the following:

Matthew 27:51 NIRV

At that moment the temple curtain was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook. The rocks split.

It took death to Christ’s humanity, with all the human hopes and expectations to die with Him for the last symbol of the faith to be rent.

There is a Word coming from God, all our human concepts, hopes and expectations are going to be rent in two. From the top to the bottom.

The curtain speaks of the Old which passes away. How many times we erect our curtains before His Glory? There was a season for a curtain. But that season passed. Through Christ the rules and rigidity were done away.

And what was glorified and awed as that veil, was in a moment was put asunder. The awful reality was laid bare. What was supposed to be a glory cloud was emptiness! What was supposed to be manifest holiness and glory was not present. The priesthood laid bare in their nakedness realised that once and for all their own mechanical rituals could no longer be pretense. 

When the Scripture lays out this happening it literally tore from the top. This speaks of the leadership down to the members. God is about to do a work which starts in the House of God and then the earth will shake. The rocks will be torn apart. This means that all that needs to shake, will. What will seem solid will be split apart.

It might seem confusing but when God spoke this Word today He means to visit all that which is done mechanically and religiously in His Name but lacks His Glory shall be torn from top to bottom.  All shall see the awful reality… Their faith is empty and devoid what they believed was best. So the first manifestation of the torn Curtain was EXPOSURE. The Lord reveals in Malachi 3 that THE LORD WILL SUDDENLY COME TO HIS TEMPLE! This is not a temple made by hands but His Own People!  And why? BECAUSE HE IS A JEALOUS GOD WHO IS ZEALOUS FOR THOSE WHO ARE BOUGHT WITH A PRICE!

This is a warning from high, if our ministry has erected a curtain to try to hide an emptiness within the season will come when He shall tear it from the top.

There is more to come!


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