Exodus 19: Implications of our decision and our retreat into religion

Exodus 19.


The Lord indicated His Purpose to Israel, bringing them into a priesthood where their habitation was His Glory. He brought them to His Mountain where He displayed all of His Glory. The Israelites saw all this, and decided it was not for them, and sent Moses on their behalf. What happened? What made them retreat? What made them decide a second rate life?

Right now we can surmise from the texts…

When we are called to a ministry, or a task for God, it sounds so good and glorious. But when the implications hit home, human nature recoils, because every move of God in our lives moves structures, and challenges us to change habits. Some things in our lives we want to hang onto, and we cannot make those adjustments, not because we are not able, but because we do not want.

Throughout my Christian life I have seen it and it brings to mind a circumstance in my own life which I am determined to never repeat…

I remember the Call to ministry in a place called Minehead, where the Assemblies of God in the UK would hold their conference. I remember I was in the youth celebration where God spoke to me to give my life to the ministry, that I was being separated for a Levitical life for Him. This meaning being devoted and joined to Him.

This meant subscribing to a year of being on ACE teams, a youth team ministry which would lift and encourage youth works around the country. I was accepted and joined in September 1987. I must say I grew in that year with them. We travelled extensively, and yet a fear in my own heart pulled and I became a slave to fear, I was being challenged to grow up and being challenged to break out from my own childhood experiences to realise the Call God had given me.

The final time I went home, I was so tired, but tired of travelling. The last month’s fees had not come in, and I was taking it that I was not to go back for the final month in South Wales.



I remember the morning I was meant to return, and did not, the Holy Spirit seemed to have left me, and I seemed to be empty inside. I felt God had left me. It was an awful sensation. Let me just say, for me was awful, because my heart was after Him.

I was given a second chance knowing that my destiny was His Call.

But how many emotionally motivated embrace a call but have no intention of fulfilling it. We say “Lord I give you my life” but when it comes to key decisions we give in to earthly tendencies?


How many times God calls us to His Best,…but we choose what our eyes can see, rather than unseen treasures?

Even our vision of our Church or ministry, we cannot build it on our own conception of Church. We must study scripture to see Christ’s own design for Church.

Because Israel did not follow God into the first calling they fell time and time again into sin. Sacrifices only covered the sin, did not take it away. So they wandered the wilderness looking for the promises but they eluded them.



The Gospel was never to appease our comfort zone. We will live in this world in some discomfort so that we build our eternal home.

The real message is: go for God’s best…do not compromise with the world, or what others’ perceive ministry, Church to be. Go for the best and you shall live a life that is full beyond the wildernesses, but you shall inherit your promise in His time. Know the implications of your decision, but the benefits of earthly discomfort is heavenly bliss!!!

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