Isaiah 6: part 2 Depth of vision brings efficacy of ministry

We are studying Isaiah 6. The Lord enriches His vision to us in the call to the ministry. 


This vision is lifechanging.
1. It is lifechanging because God is the focus of the ministry.
2. It is lifechanging because holiness that cultivates holy fear brings us into obedience to a high calling.
3. It is lifechanging because the revelation of God Himself becomes a sole motivation of all that Isaiah lived for.

When we see the above we see what has gone out from us;
A) lack of deep and true vision
B) lack of holy fear
C) lack of true motivation

How the church needs a deep vision of God Himself! How we need holy fear! How our motivation needs to be pure!


Any less than this then our Christianity is mere lipservice and political.

What we need is not a vision of ministry, a building programme. What is needed is a vision of God Himself. All ministry, all projects come out from this point!


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