Entering into Rest: Abraham

So much bombards us in 7 days. Particularly if you frequently check into Facebook or Twitter.

There are injustices, apparent heresies, people leaving their faith, people coming and going!

There is a lesson for all of us. The lesson of REST. We need first to see that God initiated this state in Genesis 2. God RESTED. What does this mean?

God came into the COMPLETION of all that was created with all of its laws and purposes. We are living in God’s rest today. All what God did in His People, through Jesus, was set in motion from the 7th day. When God entered into completion He had set in motion destiny and blessing. Prophetically REST is the most powerful place we can come to.

Abraham for me is a powerful example of that rest.

Abraham was taken to a land that was given as a inheritance.

Abraham possessed the land prophetically. Hebrews 11 tells us that he looked for a city, whose architect was God, whose foundations of God.

What he was seeing was a future completion of the REST of God. He believed and he was justified by his faith.

So when we come into the REALISATION that God’s REST desires to come into our being we can live in a desert as though it were an oasis, until one day the waters of the Spirit begin to flow!

Abraham lived in the land but it was not physically his! He trod but physical possession was not for a single man but for a generation and for generations! What Abraham did in his friendship with God was lay down the same foundations that the descendants were to operate in to possess; FAITH. Abraham lived in the Promise and touched it through Christ.

Abraham sacrificed everything to walk with the One who gave him vision and blessing.

Abraham walked with God, that God came to dinner at his tent. Abraham believed all what God had told him!

Such was the REALITY of that rest, a perfect community, a perfect union with God, that no love stood in the way of it, even Isaac, the embodiment of the promise could have been sacrificed, indeed God acknowledges the faith of Abraham.

God wants us to look beyond the confusions, waves of doctrines and opinions, rumours, wars, crises to know He has a REST for all of us to enter into. Our part maybe to walk in it, but maybe never own what we see. Abraham was known as a prophet but never prophesied in the way we know prophecy. He prophesied through his life.

God wants to show us the completion of His vision for us, knowing that to walk toward it will need both intimacy and faith.

I believe these are intertwined. You cannot have one without the other. Being that intimacy with God springs forth faith and acts of faith. And faith cannot be faith without a true reverence and intimacy with God. This intimacy being both a fear of His Person and an acknowledgment of His Ways and flowing in them.

When you come into REST you may travel and dwell in the desert but what you see is a city, a community, a oasis of life eternal. And through this comes a joy and a confidence that brings us into a place where all comes into completion in our being.

Maybe God has shown you a project, a ministry, a life, which right now is not manifest, but once you come into REST you have come into the place where it is already manifest in the Spirit. You just need time for its manifestation.

In Revelation 21 we see John introduced to the Bride. It came down from heaven, a city with both foundations, and gates. The description used bears resemblance to Abraham’s vision. What we see is the ultimate REST of Abraham: the bringing in of a perfect community and eternal nation.

God has put this in you too. It has a time to manifest, even in the limited way. Abraham had Isaac, and the lineage continues down to us, the Church.

There is a mistake we can all make. We can channel our doctrine into the fact that the eternal community is the Church. It is not only. It is a stepping stone. For Israel will be restored and through the Coming of the Messiah both the Church, the Israelites, shall be perfected into the perfect community and new Zion.

So all we do, and all we are, breathes the stages toward the new Zion, where eternity touches time, and time touches eternity through our faith in God’s rest!

Once you come into this place all that is temporary, negative fades in comparison than the sunrise of glory in our hearts, in the knowledge that we are led in the path of rest, through rest and into rest. God is committed to bring you into it. Just surrender!!!

One thought on “Entering into Rest: Abraham

  1. Thank you Russell for this profound writing inspired by the Holy Spirit. I can see how deeply you have sought Him over this and He has spoken to you.

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