Are you God centred or a selfie?

Just a thought isn’t it, that the favourite past time is to publish our “selfie”. The selfie is the opposite spirit to what the Bible teaches about being followers. Our “selfie” must be brought to death!

Job was a man who was a person of integrity and one who walked with God.

Even God spoke to everyone about Job.

Yet one being wanted to damage the flawless life of Job. How?

Get circumstances to turn him to focus on himself and try to blame God for being unfair, and get God to be displaced in his life, so that instead of God being the centre he would turn into a “selfie”.

I just wonder if we who walk with God right now are being turned to blame Him for our circumstances! Are we becoming in our pursuit of “faith” becoming “selfies” so that faith seeks for favourable circumstances, finances, things. In the end we start on the subtle walk toward the elevation of self and the pursuit of comforts and pleasures!

Job lost everything, even his health. Yet what the test was, WHO WAS THE CENTRE of his life, his adoration?

Would he continue to retain his spiritual POSTURE despite his discomfort, adverse circumstances knowing that God is to be FEARED and adored?

Right now that is our test.

So next time you are tempted to join the many “selfie” people, ask yourself WHO is the centre, me or God?

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