Out of the Storm, in the storm, through the storm

Today is just one of those days: a storm.
We must conclude that today the storms of life are many. We must analyse what is a storm. It is a dip in pressure, a instability of climate, a change of season.
Interesting that when I lived in Portugal, it was the storms that started the season, or ended the summer. Summers there are long and there is little rain. But once we hit October and thunder and rain appears in torrents we know the season is changing!
Do you feel like you’re in a storm today? Then be encouraged by the Biblical definitions and context of the storm!
1. God speaks out of the Storm
When a storm comes into your life you need the staying anchor of The Lord’s voice. God spoke to Job OUT of the storm. Job 38.1. God wants to speak to you today: this storm is allowed to bring you into a new season. It is the demarcation between two seasons. I have allowed this storm to refine you and define you!
God’s voice is HEARD from the STORM. The key is calm and a spirit of faith.
2. Jesus SLEEPS in the STORM
The storm is a quick occurrence. Particularly on the Sea of Galilee! Mark 4 recounts how Jesus commands the disciples to go over to the other side. Jesus falls asleep. Jesus is:
1. Resting in WHO He is
2. Assured in His Authority
3. Secure in His Destiny
What Jesus was doing was CONTRARY to the instincts of human nature: panic and frenetic activity! Sometimes in the storm we need to find that place of REST in it. It may be a serious health situation, like the storm of the SEA of Galilee! They are sudden, they come with no warning. So it is with our daily life! But once we hear God speak out FROM the storm, we can REST in it, and then we can GO THROUGH it embracing our new season. For Job the storm was the birthing place of God and His restoring season after. For Jesus and His disciples it meant a new place of ministry. Your storm is a passageway to new opportunities.

I am not writing to you glibly. I am living some of those storms now. I have learned how to rest in them.

3. Coming THROUGH the storm: Paul on Malta
For Paul, the storm that raged for many days and nights, was an opportunity for faith, and even though the ship broke up no lives were lost. They came upon Malta and God showed His Power upon Paul. The result was that he gained respect and safe passage to Rome. Your storms are your opportunity to allow the power of God move and flow through you. You may lose things, but you retain life and faith. Even God’s angel appeared to Paul and assured that THEY would come THROUGH. So much so that not even a snake could deter Paul from ROME. So it is with you, be assured of your destiny, trust in His Angels and flow in it.

Friends, I live every day knowing the storms but also have known the life saving angels come when we thought l was lost. We know all too well calling an ambulance, hospital stays and operations, the shadow of death to come through into greater life!

Be comforted today. HEAR His voice come out of the storm, rest in it, and be assured that angels will bring you through!


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