Dear all,

I am just recovering from dismounting beds, moving furniture around, as my daughter is 2 weeks in hospital. The lack of posting here on the blog ultimately is due to the extensive journeys to Bristol, which for those in other nations is about 200 kms away from our home. Nisia’s renal function really started to deteriorate after my wife returned from Portugal. For a start 2 times a week in Bristol, then started 3 times just after Christmas.

About 2 weeks ago she went to her dialysis as normal. My wife accompanied her that day for doing a compatibility study to donate her kidney. But as the session carried on her arm began to swell. After an MRI a clot was found in the pulmonary vein. This meant an operation, and she has been there with my wife since then.

Many of you do not know that this blog started when I left Portugal where I ministered 15 years, and since then God led me back to the UK. I have trusted God for those years to sustain us financially, and recently over the last 12 months have taken up part time work at times, in different cities, to provide for the family, but since Nisia’s dialysis my availability to do part time work has gone. So has the capacity to pay all the bills.

Nisia will arrive back Wednesday to take up doing dialysis at home. This will help us greatly, but we need to adapt our home to do this, as her room was not apt for it, as it has to be disinfected and cleaned industrially. New trolleys and drawers and equipments for college also need to be bought.

We have tried to raise finances to pay bills, such as electricity and gas, and water which we have fallen right behind. We need God to move to take away the burden of these debts. We ask you to stand with us in this wise as only God moving can move the mountain of debt.

We have a Paypal account on address which we use for donations for our ministry.

We thank God for the feedback we have received from those who have received our teaching. We desire to reach the depths of God’s Word so that God’s people will be mature enough to recognize error.

Please stand with us.


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