The substance brings evidence: Hebrews 11:1

The Lord has explained to us in Hebrews 11:1 what faith is.
First of all faith is a SUBSTANCE that comes from the realm of the Spirit. This is what distinguishes FAITH from PRESUMPTION. Presumption puts evidence BEFORE substance. Because it has not that which comes from the SPIRIT.
So if you believe you have faith may I ask what is the SUBSTANCE given to you by God? What is that solid thing God showed you, or spoke to you?

Some substances from the Spirit realm;
1. Vision
2. Dream
3. Inner still small voice

How has God led you?

I am writing this travelling to a very special family who God made me meet in 2004. It is one of those rare times I saw the ministry they have geographically and spiritually. It was their substance! I confirmed what they had seen many times.
God makes us wait, our hope being refined into wisdom so that in each season we recognize the what and the how of our possession of our promises. All those who pass through the School of the Spirit pass years of preparation so that our pursuit is for God alone, and NOT a pulpit to preach in.
What is your substance of faith? Once you have that substance God will attest to it by demonstrating it by evidence, being that each time is doubted, it’s preparation is marked by miracles!

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